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Stone repair

To replace damaged stone or cladding manufactured from these materials, is time consuming and expensive. However, to make good discoloured or damaged stone, masonry and even stone carvings in-situ is the solution that our Finishers regularly undertake.

We repair cracks, chips, drill holes and the spalling caused by frost damage; while our stone Finishers can replicate or build back large missing chunks in elements such as cills, mantelpieces, mullions, columns and entablatures. Finishers will further tackle flooring and stone worktops; mixing the colours on site to blend in the repair. Outside, our cleaning and tinting process is often used to address very large areas, to unify colours of mismatched stone; plus the Finishers can remove graffiti through our uniquely developed cleaning process.

We have developed a specialist stone coating system that can be utilized over materials such as plastic and hardboard, or other formers, to replicate stone exactly. The low maintenance coating is durable and robust, wearing better than natural stone, being that it does not stain or weather.

Surfaces under Stone repair


Typical concrete damage: Chips, Cracks, Holes, Gouges, Stains, Mould, Discolouration Typical ...
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Typical stone damage: Chips, Cracks, Gouges, Stains, Mould, Discolouration, Weathering Typical ...
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