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Cupboard door repair

Cupboard door repair

‘Cupboard’ is, if you think about it, a strange combination of words, but if you look back in history, you will easily find out how these two became bedmates.

Originally, one or more boards for storing cups formed the first cupboard. It then became a place to deposit leftover or surplus food for distribution to the poor as a form of alms; built-in shelves then followed and later, freestanding enclosed shelving units.

Cupboards used for other kinds of storage became completely enclosed, similar to the storage alcoves of medieval times. While in the 18th century, cupboards frequently formed part of the paneling of a room. And so we could go on … armoires, wardrobes and linen presses are all variants of cupboards, as are wall hung and floor kitchen cupboards, vanity units et al.

All, though, are susceptible to damage. At Plastic Surgeon, we are frequently called in to undertake cupboard and cupboard door repairs.

Our Finishers can repair cupboards made from wood, MDF, laminate, steel and plastic, as well as composites and those with decorative glass and tile inserts. Glass fronted cupboards we repair by smoothing down the scratch or chip with increasingly fine abrasives on our power tools – in effect, polishing out the damage, until it is virtually indiscernible to the eye.

The other materials used for repairing cupboards we treat in a fairly similar way. Basically, we fill in the gouge, scratch or dent with a proprietary two pack filler. This is then sanded down to the original level. Then we hand-mix and apply the paint, lacquer or other finish to match the rest of the cupboard, using spray guns and fine paint brushes. Indeed, our Finishers can replicate the knots and grain found in timber, the brushed steel effect so popular these days, and the pattern and texture found in tiles.

But additionally, if the damage is to the carcass of the cupboard – for example, the door handles or hinges have become loose – we can often rebuild and repair the hardware fixing site, and then finish around the repair using the above techniques.

Calling in Plastic Surgeon to undertake your cupboard repair will save you money, as well as the disruption and mess associated with replacing, for example, damaged kitchen cupboards. Think about it; to replace does not just require purchasing new units, if the range is still available. It will involve a carpenter and possibly a tiler to make good around the new unit, and possibly even a plumber if pipework is affected. If you can’t make up your mind about the new kitchen or bedroom design you want, or you just don’t have the money available at the moment, then why not enjoy seeing your existing one looking as good as new.

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