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The right recipe for kitchen worktop repairs

The right recipe for kitchen worktop repairs

The function of the kitchen within our homes has evolved down through recent generations to the point that surveys show the average room size has grown by over 50 per cent, while in many instances it has also become a place for owners to express their aesthetic tastes, or even show off their affluence.

Where the kitchen was once purely a place to prepare food, it has for most families become the hub of the home. The newsagents’ shelves, meanwhile, are full of glossy magazines offering people ideas on how to style this hybrid living space. Country house kitchen, Shaker style, high-tech or there are a dozen other looks to explore and customise.

So once you have got your kitchen/breakfast room, kitchen/diner or kitchen/day room exactly how you want, what does it take to keep the place looking its best?

Certainly there are a dizzying selection of cleaning products on the market intended to take the dust, grease or spills off everything from the floor to the cooker hood, but sooner or later you are going to be faced with a mark that won’t wash off. Then there is the wear and tear that will leave you with the inevitable chip out of the enamel on a sink, a burn on one of the worksurfaces, or a nasty scratch across the glass door of the microwave.

You can scrub and polish all you like, but it isn’t going to restore any of them to their original pristine condition. And there probably isn’t much point in getting out the Polyfilla, or buying the selection of disguising wax crayons, as the DIY repair never seems to completely hide the damage.

When the chips are down, only an expert is going to be able to put things right. Thankfully, this sort of service does exist, and is only a phone call away from repairing all of those annoying bits of damage that stop a kitchen from looking in tip top condition.Plastic Surgeon is a specialist in the field of cosmetic repair; providing a nationwide service which is used by many of the UK’s biggest housebuilders and leading insurance companies, as well as being available to the wider public.

At its headquarters in the West Country, the company has developed and refined a variety of repair techniques able to address laminates, timber, glass, metal, stone and many other materials. And all of its Finishers are trained in colour matching so that any repair they undertake blends into the background – whether that is a marble patterned worktop or brightly coloured sink.

If we start by looking at the ubiquitous laminate worktop – which inevitably takes a lot of hard wear – the Finisher will assess the extent of the damage before deciding on the approach to take. Although small scratches and gouges can be filled directly and rubbed down smooth again, a burn or other heat damage may require the affected area to be dug out before the repair itself can be commenced.

The Finisher will then use the range of pigments that all the vans carry in order to exactly match the colour or colours of the surrounding worktop, and reinstate the design using fine brushes. All Plastic Surgeon’s Finishers are trained in colour theory and colour matching, and their experience is invaluable when matching tricky colours and patterns.

In natural stone worksurfaces such as marble or granite, the Finisher may well take the same recourse as is frequently used for minor striations in glass. Although some of Plastic Surgeon’s Finishers are specially trained in glazing repairs, all of the team are equipped with electric grinders and an array of abrasives that can be used to polish out such disfigurements.

Looking to the kitchen cabinets themselves, they often suffer different problems to the other parts of the room, and Plastic Surgeon has frequently had to deal with hinges or handles whose fixings have worked loose. Meanwhile with water and waste pipes always prone to leaks, the Finishers have even been able to cut away and rebuild sections of the carcass which have swollen, and would otherwise have to be replaced.

Finally there are areas of trim such as architraves, pelmets, kickboards and cornices that all occasionally need a tidy up where joints have opened, or edges have been scraped. Basically, anywhere you look around the kitchen, you will find some surface that Plastic Surgeon has the experience to put right.

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