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Bath and shower room repair rescue service

Bath and shower room repair rescue service

The bathroom or en-suite shower room is the place where many people choose to get ready for a night out, or to face the working day. And by coincidence it is also the location where the Plastic Surgeon’s finishers spend a large part of their time, carrying out another type of cosmetic work.

For here at Plastic Surgeon we have developed a very wide range of repair techniques making it possible for our people out on the road to put right damage caused to virtually every fixture or fitting you will find in these ‘wet areas’.

Shower trays are always vulnerable to damage due to people dropping the mixer handset or bottles containing toiletries, and we regularly get asked to make good deep chips and even actual holes.

Thankfully our finishers are equal to the challenge and will build the original moulding back up again using a resin repair in the worst case. A two-pack filler brings the surface level again, or fills less serious scratches.

Following some careful smoothing with a graduation of abrasives, our highly skilled operatives’ training in colour matching then comes into play; whereby they will use the basic pigments they carry to mix an exact match for the original surface. Amazingly they can also do this for multi-coloured, wood-grain and even marble surfaces. And in virtually every case it works out far cheaper to call on Plastic Surgeon than to suffer the expense – and disruption – of trying to replace the damaged tray or other item.

If it was the shower enclosure rather than the tray which took a knock, then Plastic Surgeon can still put matters right, with a similar technique being used to repair damaged tiles.

Then for glass shower screens, mirrors or even window glazing we revert to the use of high powered electric grinders, again with successively smoother abrasives – to literally polish out scratches. Actual chips in glass we repair with a resin compound similar to that used by car windscreen specialists, meaning it is durable enough to stand up to the wet conditions. And again we remind customers of our mantra: “Why replace when you can repair?”

Interestingly it is not just individual homeowners who are latching on to the economic and other benefits of employing Plastic Surgeon; some of the UK’s biggest insurance companies have realized it makes common sense to carry out a cost effective repair when a customer makes a claim. After all think how difficult it might be to match a five or ten year old bath or basin – the whole suite could have to be replaced. So next time you’re getting ready to go out, take a look around the room and ask yourself if there is something you need us to smarten up?

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