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Career opportunities

Career opportunities

Career opportunities

Plastic Surgeon takes a well-structured approach to ensuring all of our Finishers have the training and guidance they need to carry out the unique set of repair techniques we offer clients across the construction industry, as well as other sectors.

Having joined Plastic Surgeon in 2007, Mike Reading had undergone most courses which Plastic Surgeon provides and was already regarded as one of our most experienced operatives, but has now taken another step up the career ladder:  becoming one of our Area Senior Finishers, covering Bristol and Avon. And this means he is also now responsible for ensuring other staff member’s skills are up to the required level.

Mike explained: “I have been with the company for eight years and have moved on from predominantly doing hands-on work to more of a supervisory capacity where I am responsible for ‘running the diary’ in my area; reporting to our Regional Operations Manager, Gary Danson. I have ten Finishers on my team and allocate them work as the orders come through from our national sales office.

“I am also now responsible for checking on the Finishers’ progress in terms of skills development, as well as their health & safety. We ensure things like their breathing masks and other PPE gear fit correctly and I make sure that the PAK (Portable Appliance) electrical safety testing is up to date; and that their vehicles are in a good state of repair.”

It is often said that you never stop learning in the building industry, but this is particularly true of working for Plastic Surgeon, which as a company is constantly working on developing new techniques to effectively repair an ever growing selection of building surfaces. And while most Finishers progress to the point where they mentor their junior colleagues, reaching the level where you take a management perspective on their progress is a significant step on.

Mike added: “I think the company has done its utmost from the beginning, including the assistance I had to move into a management capacity. It is the sort of job where every week you are still learning something new; and you get to pass on your experience to others.”

It is easy to understand why Plastic Surgeon continues to attract new trainee Finishers to help meet the demand for our services, with the company roll call of site operatives now approaching 150.

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