Employee survey results – who really cares?

2nd May 2022

Richard Done, Commercial Operations Director at Polygon, explains where the annual team satisfaction survey is so important to the Polygon model and helps to ensure all team members feel engaged, listened to and valued.


The matrix displays the share of team members in each engagement interval. A large proportion in the green areas indicates high energy and clarity among the entire team.

I really care, and I know every member of my team cares. How do I know this?
Because this engagement matrix shows the result from my team this year – highly engaged, working with clarity and energy.

Focusing on the follow up

Yes, there’s work to do and you wouldn’t expect anything else. Realistically, there is always work to be done and things to build on, but when I really look into the detail behind this result, it tells me that my team care about their job satisfaction as much as I do.

It says they will be working hard with their teams, because this is how they feel, they will be pushing the same message, same values, same energy, same clarity. This is how they go about their everyday work life, how they inspire their teams, how they interact and how their teams react to them.

The overriding message at Polygon is ‘We Care, We Listen, We Act’.

It has been a roller coaster couple of years; juggling a pandemic, extensive furlough, low job volumes, surge, and the great resignation. So what will my colleagues have to say, not only about me as a leader, but about how the company listens to them and how the Senior Management Team are performing?

It’s important to listen to our team, no matter what the last week, month, year or five years has been like. If you want a company with a great culture, attracting the best people, you have to listen, understand and act. Otherwise what’s the point in asking in the first place?

So when the email arrived from my HR Director, I opened it with a sense of great anticipation. Have the actions I’ve taken, lifted the team or have I been misreading the situation completely? The results came in and I was pleased with the findings.

So what now?

Look at the results and just sit on them, hoping for better next year?
No, certainly not –  we’ll take all this information at team by team level and across the Polygon Group, our managers will be arranging feedback sessions for every member of their team. Each manager will work with their teams to address issues, working on plans to make improvements for the year ahead and beyond, helping their team to become more engaged, improve clarity and generate energy.

People are the core of our business and without them, we have nothing

Richard Done Commercial Operations Director at Polygon UK (Property Damage Restoration and Temporary Climate Solutions)

Richard Done, Commercial Operations Director at Polygon.

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