New leather repair service ready to launch

19th September 2018
Plastic Surgeon fine finisher

We’re delighted to reveal that – following extensive research and development – we’re now able to offer leather repairs as part of our wide-ranging capabilities.

Leather repairs are extremely tough to accomplish, and we’ve been conducting extensive research into the feasibility of these repairs to benefit our customers. Having developed and refined the process over the course of several months, we’re now delighted to be able to roll it out across the country.

Wide ranging leather repair capabilities

The new capability means the team can repair a whole range of damage to leather, anything from cuts and scratches to stains and scuffs, while ensuring it’s also done cost effectively – one of the biggest stumbling blocks in making it a feasible offering.

Examples of our leather repairs

Gary Danson, Operations Director at Plastic Surgeon, said of the new repair procedures: “Traditionally leather has been very tough to repair, especially at a viable cost. One of the main drivers of repair over replacement is cost savings, so as part of the research and development behind it, we needed to source materials that ensured the repairs could be completed at a competitive price. This is something which we’ve successfully managed to do.”

He continued: “We anticipate this new service will be particularly appealing to the homeowner and insurance sectors. When you consider the cost of replacing expensive sofas or dining chairs – a simple repair should prove an extremely popular alternative.”

Growing demand creates a need for the new service

Gary commented further: “The reason we’ve focused on leather is two-fold. Over many years, we have received a continual flow of requests, proving significant demand for the service. Secondly, it’s important that we continue to grow our repair portfolio with a focus on supporting emerging markets within the business. We foresee this service will be a strong driving force for growth within both the insurance and homeowner sectors.”

He concluded: “We’re in an industry that’s constantly evolving, and we have to ensure that we offer the best quality of service if we’re to stay at the head of the field. Being able to offer leather repairs is an exciting prospect and one we’re sure our customers will be pleased to engage with.”

To find out more about our leather repair service, simply get in touch.

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