Large enough to lead the way – small enough to care

14th July 2021

Plastic Surgeon Fine Finishers is the UK's largest and most trusted repair solution, working on construction and house build sites across the UK. Employing over 200 professionally trained finishers, teams of staff can work on-site managing projects that are close to completion or restoring accidental site damage caused by sub-contractors.

What makes us unique

Our national distribution of staff and our local networks are key factors in enabling our teams to react quickly and allow us to deploy our finishers to urgent jobs when clients need us fast. We realise the importance of being close to our customers, building solid foundations and being able to react to their requirements when time is of the essence.

A large resource of skilled and committed people solve problems with fast response and reliability so that our clients can get the job signed off when pressures of time and finance are upon them.

We deliver on our promises, applying integrity, excellence and empathy in every job we undertake.

Our core values

Our clients expect Plastic Surgeon to deliver on time and with the highest level of workmanship and finish. We always work within our core business values – integrity, excellence and empathy – to ensure each job is as important as the last and that our values are upheld every time we are called out.

Our values serve as a guide to our people in their everyday interactions with customers, colleagues, partners and other stakeholders.

Integrity means that we are honest, accountable and reliable.

Excellence means that we are experts and knowledge leaders, that we strive for continuous improvement and apply best practices.

Empathy embodies our understanding of our customers’ situations, our desire to be helpful and that our people make the difference

Large enough to lead the way – small enough to care

We are small enough to allow flexibility and tailor-made solutions to our clients individual requirements, but big enough to be a part of a large infrastructure with solid IT solutions and a comprehensive head office team to back up processes. Rigorous training and constant development of latest techniques, allows us to stay ahead of the competition.

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