Anti-slip coating for shower trays

25th November 2013
Anti-slip coating for shower trays

Plastic Surgeon has developed an anti-slip coating for shower trays in response to a series of calls from hotel maintenance managers, eager to find a solution to damaged and worn anti-slip coatings and a reliable alternative to full replacement for shower trays with no anti-slip.

As is so often the case, several of them had already used maintenance contractors to attempt to provide a solution, only to discover the coating fails, seriously detracting from the appearance of guest bathrooms.

Thanks to Plastic Surgeon’s continuing investment in rigorous research and development, however, our Finishers are already undertaking programmes of improvement for many of the country’s best known hotel chains.

Andy Keenagh, head of research for Plastic Surgeon reports: “We had tested a number of proprietary systems available on the market, here in our workshops, but were not satisfied with either their adhesion or appearance. So we started to develop our own solution, based on the already successful System 20 paint which we use to recoat enamel and other baths where the surface is tired.

“A series of trials proved that by fine-tuning the consistency and adding a specially formulated powder we could achieve the grip – after which we perfected a technique for applying it using masking materials to produce a ‘factory finished’ appearance that the clients are happy with.”

On the biggest contract to date 48 showers were treated over a five day period in one hotel, while Plastic Surgeon believes there is a huge market for the service across providers of student accommodation, holiday homes and other sectors; as well as the many thousands of UK hotels.

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