Fascia repair

3rd January 2014
Men on a business construction site

Fascias are important parts of our buildings, being that they protect them from the extremes of weather we see in the unpredictable British climate. The word comes from Latin, and literally means ‘band, bandage, ribbon or swathe,’ and in this wet country, the fascia is typically used as a carrier for guttering.

Our Finishers at Plastic Surgeon are often called in to repair damaged fascias and the associated eaves, soffits and bargeboards – and sometimes, even the gutters, downpipes and their fittings. One might well ask how our repair service becomes necessary on these external items, which are due to their very nature, usually well out of reach, one would think, from being at risk from damage.

On new house building sites, we often repair fascias before they have been mounted, and even when they are in-situ – accidental damage occurs from being struck by ladders, cherry-pickers or forklift trucks.

Dents, scratches, gouges and splits are all common types of defects we deal with on the poor old fascia. In the case of uPVC fascias, we can repair quite extensive damage such as large cracks and splits and even burn marks.

Meanwhile for plastic, composite, timber and wood fascias, our Finishers can fill damaged areas, sand back and then exactly match the original hue or tone of the original colour and finish.

Thus saving the agro of having to order or purchase a replacement, bring it on site, pay for the expense of scaffolding, and then dispose of the old fascia. Meaning, of course, that repair is far more cost-effective.

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