Five solutions for repairing damaged brick

12th February 2015
Five solutions for repairing damaged brick

Trying to rebuild a brick elevation that has suffered impact, frost or other damage – or possibly an area of mismatched bricks in a new-build, can be both expensive and very disruptive.

So it doesn’t matter whether you’re the site agent on a big development, a facilities manager or a loss adjuster in the insurance industry, you’d prefer an alternative to tearing brickwork down and starting again. Here then are Plastic Surgeon’s five solutions for repairing damaged brick:

1. Small areas of damage can be cut out and replaced with high performance two pack filler, then shaped, textured and colour matched to replicate the original appearance.

2. Where bricks are too badly damaged to reface, or missing altogether as can happen in ledges or beneath lintels, replacements can be cast using a timber mould, inserted and the mortar joint detailing made good.

3. Stains, graffiti and mismatched or poorly sorted bricks can be re-tinted in-situ to create a uniform appearance.

4. Calcium deposits that have leached out from the cement can be removed by a repeated process of soaking, washing with an acid based cleaner and gentle abrasion.

5. Spillages of paint and other liquids or deliberate graffiti can be removed by careful use of soda crystal power jetting.

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