Surface repair for the Construction sector

2nd February 2021
Repairs to external cladding

Mark McKay, newly appointed Sales Director(Construction) at Plastic Surgeon, the leading specialist surface repair firm, discusses how developers benefit from the use of surface repair.

The requirement for surface repair within the construction industry is intrinsic, and utilising its capabilities offers many benefits to firms operating in the sector. As a business, we work with leading construction companies throughout the UK, preparing sites for client handover, as well as facilitating repairs on construction sites across a broad range of development types.

A broad range of surfaces

Mark explains

“As repair specialists, we encounter an extraordinarily broad range of surfaces and surface types. I often get asked what cosmetic elements on a construction site can and can’t be repaired. I’d go so far as to say that virtually any interior or exterior surface can be repaired.

The occasions where we think, ‘that can’t be repaired’ are extremely rare. The simple truth is that the overwhelming majority can be fixed, potentially saving thousands of pounds and precious time in the process.  Our ability to successfully repair such a diverse range of surfaces negates the need to bring in other tradesmen such as tilers, plasterers, plumbers and electricians. Repairing damaged items removes the need to make good or replace surrounding plasterwork, tiles or other substrates.”

The sustainable option

Repair over restoration saves on landfill – an increasingly important factor as construction sites are under increasing pressure to meet sustainability targets and promote environmentally friendly policies. As a company, we saved 3,900 tonnes of landfill waste in 2020 with a staggering 687,000 individual repairs.

Inventive solutions are called for

Covid-19 means that the construction industry has been required to get more inventive in finding solutions to enable them to complete jobs using restoration services, when, in the past, they may have replaced damage, feeling that was a simple fix. Our finishers are adept at working in-situ, meaning disruption is minimal as they adapt to operating around busy construction sites without hindering other workers.

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