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5 causes of damage to worktops

5 causes of damage to worktops

Common causes of damage to worktops that you can take steps to avoid.

  1. Toolboxes – Worktops are a really convenient place for trades to put their tools and toolboxes. A favourite is to drag the box across the newly fitted worktop, resulting in scratches and gouges.
  2. Tilers – Why bother getting the workbench out of the van, when you can cut tiles on a brand new worktop!
  3. Razor blades – Clean and scratch in a simple step.
  4. Protection – A major cause of scratches on worktops is when placing protection on dirty surfaces. Once they are covered, people lean on them or place objects, causing scratches waiting to be revealed on handover day.
  5. Dropping heavy objects – such as hammers, causing gouges and scratches.

If you do have a surface that gets damaged, remember the ‘F’ Words, Fine Finishers.

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