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Damaged enamel bath, basin, bidet or toilet – we can repair it

Damaged enamel bath, basin, bidet or toilet – we can repair it

One of the biggest, and potentially most expensive accidents that can happen in the home is that done to enamel baths, basins and toilets.  Indeed, most of the chips and cracks Plastic Surgeon repairs are all too often caused by the enthusiastic DIYer dropping a heavy tool onto the bath, loo or basin’s enamel surface; and the resulting damage is an eyesore, as well as a potential home for bacterial growth.

But, to replace a damaged bathtub with a new one, for example, would involve re-tiling, re-grouting and re-plumbing – calling in two tradesmen to undertake the work, at great cost and disruption; plus, of course, there’s the inevitable mess caused.

So to repair is obviously the preferable option.  Plastic Surgeon has been repairing damage to enamel products for over 20 years, and our finishers can restore sanitaryware at a fraction of the cost of replacement.  And while there, the operative can also remove the unsightly staining that occurs with older enameling, making it look as good as new.

Our skilled finishers will fill the crack or chip, before mixing the coating by hand to ensure a perfect colour-match is achieved – there are literally hundred of types of white ranging from blue-white to grey-white, and every hue in between.  This is why our operatives are so highly trained to colour-match – and why the resulting repair is virtually invisible, whatever the colour of the bath, basin or toilet.

Whether the bathroom item is made from cast iron, steel or plastic, Plastic Surgeon is able to carry out a watertight repair, as well as the ability to restore visual appeal and save you a fortune.  Depending on the extent of the damage, the remedial work is usually completed in less than two hours, and the repaired item ready for use.

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