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Damaged worktop? Repair rather than replace.

Damaged worktop? Repair rather than replace.

During 2010, Plastic Surgeon undertook 12,772 repairs to worktops, restoring cracks, chips and stains caused by accidental damage in both kitchens and bathrooms.

Indeed, before rushing out to buy a replacement countertop, you need to think of the work that this would involve: removing sinks and hobs, which could require the services of plumbers, electricians and gas engineers, as well as carpenters or stone cutting specialists to install the replacement.  Not to mention the re-tiling and grouting. Plus the fact that you have to somehow transport the discarded worktop to the tip.

The sensible alternative is to make use of our finishers at Plastic Surgeon, who can repair wood, laminate and stone, as well as marble and granite worktops.  We fill the crack, scratch or chip with proprietary fillers, then sand back to the same level of the surrounding material, ensuring that the texture and finish is exactly the same.

Then comes the really clever bit, which DIYers never seem to get quite right – colour-matching.  Our finishers are highly experienced in hand-mixing the exact colour, thanks to our rigorous training schedule.  They will use spray guns and/or fine sable brushes to replicate the effects of the silica in granite or marble; or the grains and knots in timber.

What you end up with is a repair that saves the hassle that replacement would incur, completed in hours rather than days.  And, of course, you save a lot of money as well as inconvenience and disruption.

Lastly, you can feel good because repairing a damaged worktop rather than replacing it means you are being eco-friendly by saving yet more waste going to our already stretched landfill sites.

All you have to do is fill in our free online damage assessment page, take a picture of the worktops if possible, and one of our trained assessors will get in touch to discuss with you the best solutions.  Then we will arrange a convenient date for one of our finishers to undertake your repair.  It couldn’t be simpler.

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