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Fast marble repair technique developed at sea

Fast marble repair technique developed at sea

Fast marble repair technique developed at sea

While many of the repair techniques used by Plastic Surgeon’s Finishers across the country have been developed back in the company’s R&D centre at HQ, sometimes the solutions to tricky problems are worked out in the field. This was very much the case when head of R&D, Andy Keenagh, found himself aboard one of the world’s largest cruise ships and faced with having to develop a fast marble repair solution to fix areas of damaged intricate marble skirting, in the few short hours passengers are asleep.

Plastic Surgeon in fact began working for the major cruise line companies nearly two years ago, primarily effecting smart repairs to furniture and bathroom fittings within the cabins during time slots arranged with their occupants. But wear and tear of the public areas and, particularly, the giant whirlpool baths on deck were soon added to the list of challenges.

In this case Andy Keenagh was heading up a team of Finishers on a 10 day voyage in the Caribbean when he came up with a way to repair marble skirting in the dining rooms, without causing any disruption to passengers.

Andy explains: “At Plastic Surgeon we are constantly seeking new solutions to meet our clients’ needs, and this sometimes includes trialling new products and materials which we buy in. In this case it was a two-component filler which I knew would self-dry in 90 minutes, but that still wasn’t fast enough when the gap between the end of dinner and breakfast being served is little over six hours.

“The answer was to apply gentle heat with one of our air guns, while I used a sheet of acetate as a mould to form the shape to the skirting. We tinted the filler to achieve the main body colour of the marble and then once it was set and smoothed back we painted in the detail using fine brushes.”

You just won’t find Andy or Plastic Surgeon “all at sea” when there’s a repair problem to solve.

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