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Glass Repair for Social Housing – Sticks and Stones and Keys and Coins

Glass Repair for Social Housing – Sticks and Stones and Keys and Coins

From the small pieces of crown glass you find in our older properties, to the armoured section of laminate forming the floor to Blackpool Tower’s viewing gallery, glazing is one of the most varied materials used in construction; though it can also be the most vulnerable to scratches, chips or outright breakage.

Thankfully for property owners – including across the retail, leisure, commercial and social housing sectors – here at Plastic Surgeon we have developed a number of techniques for successfully repairing minor damage to float, plate, toughened and laminated glass. With out nationwide team of finishers regularly filling minor chips caused by flying stones and carefully polishing out scratches caused by metal objects –such as keys or coins – or even graffiti vandals armed with diamond engraving tools.

Due to safe access requirements, the cost of replacing any piece of glass or IG* unit depends very much on its location, but size, type and shape are, of course, also very much factors to be taken into consideration. However, in almost any situation where it is possible for one of our finishers to effect a repair, this will prove more economical than purchasing and installing a new one.

While our repair for stone chips is very similar to that offered by car windscreen specialists, Plastic Surgeon has perfected its own approach to removing even quite deep scratches from flat or curved glass surfaces. In recent times our finishers have been called upon to exercise their skills when a vandal struck during the construction of a new block at Woolwich Prison, and also when accidental damage occurred at a Butlins spa hotel on the South Coast.

In the latter instance the finisher had to work through the early hours of the morning to remove scratches from curved glass balustrades on the main staircase in the entrance foyer, soon after the venue opened. A number of famous shopping destinations in the capital have also called on our services when display cases have been damaged.

Then in the social housing sector the imperative for adopting the approach of repairing rather than replacing is growing rapidly for two specific reasons.

Firstly affordable housing providers have a strong commitment to the sustainability agenda, and Plastic Surgeon’s service fully resonates with this. Indeed our VisibilITy software enables clients to view exactly what weight of building materials or components have been saved from going to landfill, by repairing damaged items rather than replacing them.

Furthermore, the UK’s housing associations, councils and ALMOs are also at the forefront of delivering low carbon new build and refurbished properties: via the Code for Sustainable Homes and Retrofit for the Future initiatives.

These costly building and refurbishment programmes are all utilising advanced window systems featuring the use of sealed units with hard and soft coat glass, argon filling and warm edge spacer technology. One off replacement of the glazing can therefore be as costly as installing several panes of plain float glass.

The old adage about ‘sticks and stones’ may have been circumvented by modern libel and slander laws, but along with keys, coins and other implements they definitely present a threat to those who ‘live in glass houses’. And those pieces of glass are getting dearer all the time. So it is therefore the environmentally responsible and financially prudent course of action for landlords or other property owners to adopt the flexible repair service available from Plastic Surgeon, rather than replacement.

* Insulating Glass (double or treble)

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