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Glass repair – seeing through the benefits

Glass repair – seeing through the benefits

When you look around most interiors these days in our domestic, retail and leisure buildings, it soon becomes obvious that glass is not utilised for just fenestration, as it would have been almost exclusively a century ago.

Indeed, the versatile material is being used for shower and bath screens, room partitions and balconies, as well as in the manufacture of bathroom sinks and countertops, and even the architecturally pleasingly retro glass bricks which let in natural light to the dark corners of our internal spaces.

Unsurprisingly, just as with any other product used by the construction industry, glass is subject to damage; whether it is from a knock by a tradesman as he struggles to carry some unwieldy building material past it, or from a simple accident that can – and will happen – in any home or workplace, such is the nature of humankind.

But to replace damaged glass is often difficult, time-consuming and therefore expensive, the physical act of chipping out a glass block from surrounding masonry, or even deglazing a window frame, for example, being messy and likely to cause further damage. 

To repair it is always going to be the most cost-effective, and least disruptive choice.  Indeed, has been doing this for over 20 years to toughened, float and laminated as well as through-coloured glass, and chips caused by all manner of implements to curved as well as flat glass.

Our finishers utilise variable speed precision grinders along with several different grades of abrasive disk to initially take out the worst of the damage to the glass.  An important aspect to this stage of the repair process is the ability of the operative to accurately judge the size of the work area in order to gently ‘feather out’ the repair to the level of the undamaged glass, to avoid visual distortion.

The finisher will then use increasingly fine diamond pastes, which are applied using a soft felt pad on the grinder until the scratch or chip is ground down just enough to match the untouched glass in opacity.

So, instead of replacing that scratched kitchen cabinet display door, or the chipped washroom sink, or that shower room door with the unsightly gouge, call in Plastic Surgeon’s repair team for a quote that will save time, money, mess and disruption.

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