Cooker hood repair

3rd February 2014
Kitchen cooker hood repair

Cooker hood repair is something that we at Plastic Surgeon are very good at, being that we have had a lot of practice at it over the last 20 odd years.

One of the main reasons we get called in to repair cooker hoods when new properties are being readied for handover is down to accidental damage. This may be from a careless tradesman knocking tools against them – a slipped hammer or screwdriver, for example, can cause nasty dents, gouges or scratches. Then in every day life it is all too easy to whack the canopy with objects harder than your head, especially where space is tight or pans are hung from hooks or rails fixed to the ceiling.

And for many people, it is impossible to replace the damaged cooker hood because it matches their oven, which annoyingly has been superseded by a newer model with a totally re-designed cooker hood. So repair is often the only solution.

We can repair cooker hoods made from steel, aluminium or enamel. Our Finisher will also undertake the repair in your home, with no need to take it away or even demount it. In fact, they will normally do the work from a safe, sturdy stepladder, leaving no mess or dirt and causing minimal inconvenience.

The repair may involve polishing out scratches, while dents, cracks and gouges are filled, sanded back and then re-coated with hand-mixed pigments or stains to exactly match the original finish. A final lacquer coat ensures the durability of the intervention.

For those who have been a little over-zealous with the cream cleaner and scouring pad, you too can rest assured that Plastic Surgeon will be able to restore your cooker hood back to its original, pristine condition, through either careful polishing or by applying a new finishing coat. This we can do for large or small areas – in fact we have even re-coated whole cooker hoods in the past.

So before rushing out to replace a damaged cooker hood, give us at Plastic Surgeon a call. By letting us repair, you will avoid having to call in an electrician and tiling specialist or possibly a ventilation engineer. And we’ll probably be gone in around two hours – job done. Plus you can feel good about being environmentally friendly, as you haven’t had to take anything to the tip.

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