The repair of a damaged kitchen worktop In Ipswich

2nd May 2014
A before and after photo of a burned ring mark on a kitchen worktop surface.

A customer in Ipswich contacted us to repair a worktop that had been damaged by placing a hot pan on it, causing the surface to bubble and crack.

The burn was approximately 20cm in size and is damage we regularly come across. Such damage poses no issues for our highly trained finishers, who carry out excellent worktop repairs on a regular basis.

The finisher carefully dremmelled out the burn, before sealing the area, rebuilding the surface and then carefully colour matching the repair so it blends seamlessly into the rest of the worktop.

Such repair costs are very reasonable, saving the customer money and the inconvenience of having to do a replacement.

Find out more about our worktop repairs, with more before and after pictures. 

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