Exterior improvements to increase the curb appeal of your house

26th July 2023

Are you considering ways to freshen up the exterior of your home, giving it a fresh, contemporary look, with minimal disruption and maximum impact?

UPVC Colour Change
We are expanding our range of services into uPVC recoloring and spraying the exterior frames, doors, and facias of buildings as a cost-effective and convenient way to increase the life span of the surface and give it a new contemporary look.
Over time, your uPVC window frames change colour, usually due to overexposure to UV light. A cost effective solution is to spray paint the uPVC surface, giving your home a new look and extending the lifespan of the frames. We can match any colour and apply a gloss or satin coating to ensure a flawless finish, transforming the look of your home with long lasting results.
It’s a great option for offices, homes, and any exterior surfaces that could benefit from some professional TLC.

Spray windows

Smarten up the look of your brick or stone window cills.
Weathering and discolouration may have spoiled the look of your window cills, which can detract from the apperance of your home.
Restoration is a simple and cost effective way to brighten them up and will enhance the appearance of your whole house. With the option to either revive the original finish or spray with a new colour, it will increase the life span of your cills and protect against the elements.

Our nationwide team of over 200 highly trained professional staff will treat your home with respect and ensure you are always delighted with the results.

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