High gloss units – sleek or geek?

4th October 2023
A fine finisher repairing a high gloss kitchen unit

High gloss unit are a stylish addition to a contemporary kitchen but they are susceptible to damage as the composite material is fragile and unforgiving when accidental damage occurs.

Achieving the required high gloss sheen is extremely difficult to accomplish and often home repairs are unsuccessful as home DIYers are unable to replicate the finish, leaving a noticeable repair to the surface. If chips are left long term, the gloss coating tend to start peeling, leaving a bigger problem to fix.


Plastic Surgeon offer a sustainable repair solution and our nationwide team of fine finishers will come to your home and carry out the repair in situ, vital to make sure the exact high gloss finish is replicated to leave the units looking as good as new. Deep chips or cuts and badly scuffed edges are some of the most common problems that we see. We will rebuild the profile of the damaged area using our specialist fillers and compounds. The finisher will then hand mix and match the exact colour of your worksurface, recreating the gloss finish in the surface to blend in with the original finish


Although not cheap, with a repair starting around £250 for a half day appointment depending on your location and the severity of the damage, it is often a far cheaper solution to purchasing and fitting a new unit and a sustainable option reducing landfill and helping the environment.


Our nationwide team of over 200 highly trained professional staff will treat your home with respect and ensure you are always delighted with the results.

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