Repairing a water damaged wooden worktop

Restoring a water damaged wooden countertop

15th October 2023
A closeup of the black stained wooden worktop

Restoring a water-damaged wooden worktop (countertop) can be a challenging task, and my beautiful Belfast sink was becoming an eyesore due to the dark stained wooden draining board. No matter how hard I tried to bleach it, scrub it, sand it or polish it, the stain didn’t budge and I became more and more fixated on getting rid of the black stains around the taps and draining board areas.

A refurbished wooden worktop


Google is often the answer to my problems, and we followed a U Tube tutorial that involved sanding down and re-staining the badly affected areas. The black stains were stubborn and our efforts didn’t add up to any significant improvement. We also investigated the possibility of replacing the affected sections by hiring a professional carpenter. However, it would of meant them remaking a whole new draining board and removing the tiles on the splashback – so a lot of upheaval and expense which I wasn’t really looking for.

My friend recommended we try Plastic Surgeon – and my worktop has now been restored to its original look and the black, unsightly stains have virtually disappeared.

“Water damage, burns, scratches and cracks are all easy damage to have with a wooden worktop but don’t worry – there’s no need to replace it”

explains James , Training Manager for Plastic Surgeon.

“ Our specialist finishers can help restore any damage and make it look perfect once again. Simply send us a few details about your damaged wooden worktop and we’ll send you a no-obligation quote with the price to get things sorted. We work across the whole country and don’t hide additional fees.”


I was very impressed by the work carried out by the polite workman – he took a few hours to work on the wood and the results are outstanding – I can show off my kitchen again with pride and the wood has been restored to its former glory.

To get a quote for your hard surface repair – visit out online enquiry hub at Wooden Worktop Surface Repairs or call us on 0345 141 00 00.

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