Leather repairs helping drive down accidental damage claim costs

23rd May 2019
Explaining how to care for surface repair

Towards the end of last year – after a period of extensive research and development – we launched a leather repair service to compliment our extensive and wide-ranging list of items that we can restore.

Reducing claim costs

Accidental damage accounts for 17% of all claims.  As these types of claims are low value, they are often overlooked by the industry as insignificant, however as the third biggest insurance claim, Plastic Surgeon believes that by introducing innovative and cost-effective repair and claim management methods for accidental damage in the home, insurers can drive down costs considerably.

Chris Edwards, head of insurance at Plastic Surgeon explains: “We continually work with insurers to develop new areas of repair that can help them to drive down costs and the overall claim lifecycle.

“We had received a continual flow of requests from insurers for a leather repair capability– proving significant demand for the service.  An extensive research and development period was required as traditionally leather has been tough to repair especially at a viable cost.”

Gary Danson operations director adds  “One of the main drivers of repair over replacement is cost savings, so as part of the research and development behind it, we needed to source materials that ensured repairs could be completed at a competitive price, which we are delighted to have been able to achieve. We are very confident that the service we are now providing is unique in the industry”.

Automated technology

To drive down costs further, Plastic Surgeon has invested heavily in automation technology to enhance the process for these types of claims, such as a customer self-survey provision through Plastic Surgeon’s leading software – Visibility.

Chris adds: “The claims management process can sometimes be overcomplicated, particularly for low value claims such as leather damage.

“By automating the process through the use of technology it reduces the amount of human interaction required and speeds everything up, leather claims are perfect for this.

Wide range of leather repairs

The range of leather repairs that Plastic Surgeon undertake are extensive from large holes and cuts in sofas to scratches and scuffs on headboards. Since the launch of our leather repair capability last year, we estimate that we are saving insurers an average of £1000 per claim.

Concluded Chris: “We will always look at ways of reducing the overall cost and increase customer satisfaction for insurers. Damage to contents within the home is a key area we have invested heavily in, looking at new and innovative methods of repair to further assist insurers in delivering a value-added service for their customers and driving down costs”.

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