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Marble repairs

Marble repairs

Marble repairs

Watching highlights from the US Masters tournament on the TV recently reminded me of something a senior American golfer said a few years ago when he was asked how the greens at the Augusta course were playing?
“It’s like trying to putt the ball down a marble staircase and stop it two steps from the bottom!” was his complaint in frustration at his well over par score.

My point in recounting this is that we all tend to think of marble as being extremely hard and shiny, when in fact it is nowhere near as rugged as rocks like granite; and it has a disturbing tendency to soak up stains or even to be attacked by a lot of commonly used cleaning products.

Which is probably why marble repairs are increasingly a feature of our Finishers’ working lives; with everything from kitchen worktops, bars, basin surrounds and columns, through to the aforementioned staircases coming up on their worksheets.

Plastic Surgeon’s research and development department has developed detailed guidance notes for the Finishers, and devised a very effective polishing process to restore scratched or stained marble surfaces.

Where, for instance, grit has got trapped under a metal pot or tray and scratched a worktop, or something like fruit juice has etched an acidic mark into marble, our Finishers will use one of the special variable speed diamond disc polishing machines, along with a cleaning compound to remove it. Deeper scratches may require the repair to be ‘feathered’ out; while any such treatment will be followed by the application of a penetrating sealer to protect against further damage.

There are many types of marble, showing swirls of different colours such as yellow, blue and red, but this most beautiful of metamorphic rocks requires a strict cleaning or maintenance regime; and when it has been allowed to go too far, you will need the services of a professional like one of our Finishers in order to bring it back to its best.

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