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Plastic Surgeon Ceramic Repairs

Plastic Surgeon Ceramic Repairs

According to research by Which?, moving house has “never been more difficult,” with the cost of doing so a staggering £7,400 for a property valued at £200,000.  This, combined with difficult lending criteria, the risk of interest rates increasing and the general cost of living these days are reason enough to stay put, as is illustrated by the fact that in just nine months, house prices have dropped by nearly 20 per cent in some areas.

And this blogger would have other problems selling up – that is, in nearly every room of my completely refurbished home, there is a small job that isn’t quite finished. The chip in the ceramic sink in the kitchen, the uneven plaster under the landing, the radiator covers to hide unsightly plumbing, a hole in the wall in the kitchen which allows access to the stopcock, the granite stones above the porch which haven’t been pointed… I could go on…

For me to move house would mean either accepting a reduction in the value of my home, or spending several long weekends attempting to finish all these ‘little jobs.’  And spending quite a lot of money too, because I would need to replace the sink for a start, and this would involve removing the old one, buying a replacement – which would no doubt mean the worktop would need replacing, then retiling, grouting and plumbing.

But I lie… for I have used the services of Plastic Surgeon to avoid ripping out my kitchen.  Our finisher has restored my sink by carefully filling the chip, sanding it down and then colour matching the original white perfectly.  And the repair is completely watertight. The same operative has also mended a ceramic floor tile in my kitchen, which had a huge chunk missing.  Here, he also filled, sanded and then matched the white perfectly.  But he also replicated the deep blue patterns on the tile, using a very fine paintbrush.  I cannot remember now which tile has been repaired, however closely I scrutinize the finisher’s work.

For anyone looking to move house, or rejuvenate an old kitchen or bathroom, it is much cheaper to call upon the services of Plastic Surgeon to repair plastic, metal or ceramic baths, together with sinks and toilets, as well as floor and wall tiles. It saves having to replace expensive items, as well as bills from plumbers, tilers and carpenters to undertake the work replacement involves. Plus you don’t have to take the damaged items to the tip, so you can feel good about being environmentally friendly.

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