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Plastic Surgeon springs into action on stone and brick repairs

Plastic Surgeon springs into action on stone and brick repairs

While it is easy to track the seasons in the retail world, and the building industry has historically tried to begin groundworks operations when the winter weather recedes, you might not expect Plastic Surgeon’s business to be subject to seasonal spikes.

A quick look at the work allocations for our finishers across the regions at the moment does, however, hint that spring is on the way.

This is because, for homeowners, it isn’t just sorting out the borders or bringing on trays of seeds in the greenhouse which is important. The hard-landscaping, garden furniture and the exterior of the house all generally need some attention before we can all start to enjoy the great outdoors again.

And sad to say, too many people prepare for springtime and summer barbeques with a trip to the tip; when quite possibly the items they are throwing away can be more cost effectively repaired. What is more – right there in the place where their behaviour should be at its greenest – they are ignoring the environmentally-friendly option.

So where does Plastic Surgeon get involved outside of the home?

Well to be honest it is more on Tommy Walsh’s territory where we intrude, rather than that of Alan Titchmarsh. For although the Ground Force team pulled off many lightning transformations over countless series, all of those fountains, planters, paving, decking and other manufactured elements to the garden are quite susceptible to accidental damage or the effects of weathering, especially frost.

Our Stone Repair teams are able to make good those areas of masonry where sections have been chipped or spalled off by the freeze-thaw action. They colour match the repairs by blending aggregates as well as by employing our unique brick tinting or specialist render systems. And this work has even embraced large areas such as where an extension has been erected using the wrong colour of brick or block.

Then moving on to conservatories or summer-houses, Plastic Surgeon can demonstrate its expertise in saving seemingly ruined window frames. Timber, steel, aluminium and

PVC-U all regularly feature on our finishers’ work-sheets as they deal with scratched coatings, gouges, twisted profiles and even holes which have been drilled in the wrong place. Grinding and polishing out blemishes in the glass itself is another string to our bow.

And when all the hard work is done and you want to sit back with a cold drink in your hand to relax, the table and chairs ought to be in good fettle also; so why not let Plastic Surgeon’s skilled finishers bring them back to pristine condition instead of going down the garden centre to spend hundreds of pounds on replacements.

Just remember that while having a well mulched compost heap is a really green way of putting nutrients back into the soil, filling up landfill sites with shabby garden seats, broken ornaments and various building materials is just about as unsustainable as it gets.


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