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Repairing reconstituted stone

Repairing reconstituted stone

Manufactured masonry is commonplace on modern construction projects, taking the place of more expensive natural quarried stone, and offering consistent strength as well as an almost unlimited selection of colours and finishes. These include exposed aggregate or grainy effects as well as the very popular smooth and etched surfaces. When damaged though, their repair can prove problematic and often leads to the requirement for total replacement.

To date Plastic Surgeon has been successful in repairing with a screed coat and then applying a fine grained component to the surface while it is still wet. But now it has developed a technique that involves a new method of application which produces a finer coating and allows pattern detailing to be worked into the surface without the need for introducing additional textured material. Instead subtle variations are achieved by spraying or flecking coloured pigment.

The technique can also be combined with the use of Plastic Surgeon’s proprietary three-part fillers to build up chips or other areas of damage so that a completely undetectable repair is affected. It would even be possible to use the new technique to change the colour of whole wall areas.

Plastic Surgeon offers clients an economic alternative to replacing damaged building components; cutting the cost of remedial work and reducing waste going to landfill.

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