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Seeing through the damage – Glass Repairs by Plastic Surgeon

Seeing through the damage – Glass Repairs by Plastic Surgeon

Glass is a favourite material for architects and interior designers working in the commercial and retail sectors; being especially popular for high street shops and larger stores, because it very nicely enables the wares within to be seen by passing shoppers, who will hopefully be enticed into the store to spend their money.

The transparent material is also used for countertops, displays and partitions, as well as in doors, windows and balustrades.  Walk down any main street in the country, and you can see considerable expanses of glass, imaginatively employed. And across the urban streetscape glazing is also used for canopies, balconies, bus shelters, pay booths, smoking refuges and other installations.

Yet the trouble with glass, for businesses, is that it remains easily damaged.  Indeed, pushchairs, bicycles and even diamond rings can easily cause accidental scratches, chips and gouges.   While intentional damage is often graffiti by vandals, and a new form of this is beginning to hit our shores as an undesirable export from America.

“Acid graffiti” is inflicted using hydrochloric acid, mixed with either shoe polish or acetone in a shoe cleaning dispenser, to create a much wider band of disfigurement – sometimes coloured – which not only etches into the glass, but forms a hard crust on the surface.

For cash-strapped businesses facing damage to their glazed elements, however, help is at hand. For we at Plastic Surgeon can offer you several repair techniques that will save you going to the expense of replacing it.  Plus, by sending one of our finishers to repair it in-situ, we save you the hassle of calling in tradesmen such as glaziers, carpenters, window fitters and door automation specialists.  If it is a damaged door or window, our service can save you having to deal with temporary security issues too.

Our finishers can polish out scratches, small chips or graffiti with diamond abrasives, gradually using increasingly finer grades to completely eradicate the damage.  The skill, though, is that our operative has to judge the work very carefully to ensure that he or she does not create a noticeable ‘dish’ in the glass, which could lead to a visual distortion.  So carefully feathering out the work area, along with constant visual checks, is a very important of the training each Finisher receives.

Larger chips in glass can also be repaired on-site using UV cured resins, injected into the fissure to produce a smooth, clear finish that is structurally stable and reduces the risk of a crack spreading.

Dealing with acid graffiti, meanwhile, involves a two-stage process, whereby our finisher removes, abrasively, the hard crust and then polishes out the etched surface with a minimum of distortion, leaving a smooth, clear surface.   What is more we will undertake these repairs at a time to suit your business – by day or night, and even over the weekend.

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