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Nationwide repair service for garage doors

Nationwide repair service for garage doors

Plastic Surgeon, the expert fine finishing commercial and domestic building repair specialist showcases garage door repairs.

Plastic Surgeon –  the UK nationwide  cosmetic repair specialist and expert in material and building product repairs such as – Plastic and GRP, Woods and Veneers, Stone and Brick, Ceramics and Enamel, Glass and Glazing, Metals and Foils, and other surfaces can carry out seamless repairs to most types of garage door surfaces.

The Plastic Surgeon team of highly skilled finishers can repair dents, scratches, gouges using a range of special two-part fillers. The team is able to build up the profile to match the original and then sand and polish. All finishers are trained in colour theory so they can mix an exact match of paint to spray the door to match original.

Rob Mouser, Managing Director, Plastic Surgeon said: “Garage doors often suffer abuse from their owners by having cars driven in and out and more commonly these days, refuse bins being wheeled in out, causing damage to both the outer and inner door surfaces.  Our expert team of unique repair specialists can visit homes across the UK to re-spray, re-surface and fill dents and scratches, preventing the need to replace the whole door.”

Plastic Surgeon specialises in repairing all types of building damage, both internally and externally, eliminating the costs and delays associated with replacement. Plastic Surgeon has carried out thousands of repairs to signage, sinks, tiles, worktops, seating, showers and cills, in materials ranging from stone and granite to wood and plastic.

The fine finishing expertise means that repairs are virtually invisible and undetectable, and with the company’s well earned reputation for speed and efficiency, disruption is minimal.

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