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Worktop repair and restoration

Worktop repair and restoration

Worktop repair and restoration

Look at the TV guides nowadays and it seems like cookery programmes are winning the battle with the home improvement shows for occupying the most hours in the schedules, with the likes of Master Chef and Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook attracting millions of viewers to their prime time slots.

Maybe they’re more entertaining, but perhaps it’s just the case that your average viewer is less intimidated by the idea of rustling up an exotic seafood starter or a soufflé, than they are, say, attempting to repair the kitchen worktop they scorched with a chip pan some time last year.

In fact tackling an unsightly round burn mark in a marble effect laminate worktop is one of the regular jobs that our Finishers are asked to undertake by clients who manage student accommodation. It takes them just an hour or two to dig out all the charred material and build the surface back up with Ultra-Premium Filler, smooth it and then restore the detail with colours that they generally match by eye on site.

Given the array of sharp objects that are routinely used in a kitchen, as well as the spillages that happen and the generally aggressive cleaning chemicals people employ to kill 99 per cent of the germs, it is also not surprising that Plastic Surgeon is also asked to deal with all sorts of dents, gouges, chips and different types of staining. And almost all types of kitchen worktop repair and restoration are possible for our well trained Finishers.

They can make good and colour match real wood, tiled surfaces and the different types of stone, such as granite, which feature in some more expensive kitchen interiors; as well as the stainless steel surfaces that are part of the contemporary/commercial look that some people find attractive.

One of the reasons Plastic Surgeon dominates the market as the UK’s only national cosmetic repair specialist, is that we not only train our personnel to a very high standard, but have an R&D department constantly trialling new products and working on developing new worktop repair techniques. Last year, for instance, we purchased new polishing machines, along with specialist discs, to make taking the scratches and stains out of marble counter tops quicker and easier.

Lots of us live with some minor scratch or chip in our kitchen worktops, but once it starts to get really tatty, or suffers some catastrophic damage we get to the point something has to be done. But what?

If you can actually find a matching section of worktop down at the local DIY store it will probably cost you well less than £100, but how on earth do you marry it up to your existing cabinets. Most L-shaped kitchens are covered by two or three sections of worktop, secret fixed from below and sunk into the tiling or plasterwork. There will also be trims, silicone beads and perhaps even a built-in hob. Then sorry, it’s a case of “Can’t replace, won’t replace,”and the new piece of laminate starts gathering dust in the garage.

Far quicker, far cheaper and definitely more sustainable to get Plastic Surgeon round to carry out a worktop Repair. The Finisher will have your kitchen worktop looking in showroom condition again faster than you can roast a joint and it will cost you less than that new food processor you were looking at in the Argos catalogue.

So what do you want to watch, Hell’s Kitchen or The Restoration Man?

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