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Ardmore Construction stone repair

Ardmore Construction stone repair

Ardmore Construction stone repair

Ardmore Construction, which specialises in fixed-price design and build as well as two stage tender contracts throughout the United Kingdom, called upon Plastic Surgeon to rescue some stonework at the Ramada Jarvis Hotel in Hounslow.

Unfortunately, the stone – which appeared to be an early form of reconstructed masonry – had suffered damage from small, pellet sized holes from where past signage had been hung. Additionally, large chunks of stone were missing under the headers.

The client’s brief was to repair the holes and replace the missing sections, while ensuring the repairs matched the surrounding stonework. It was vital that the work undertaken did not appear brand new, so colour and texture matching with the original stone was of paramount importance in this instance.

Plastic Surgeon’s unique stone restoration techniques were applied to the pillars and header course. The Finishers also had to disguise two fibre glass cills, which had been used as a repair solution in the past, but were not the right colour and had been inserted incorrectly: one being two inches out.

In this case, Plastic Surgeon’s team worked from cherry pickers to access the lofty position of the lintels. Correcting the error and then applying fine finishing techniques to blend these repairs in with the existing stone.

There was minimal disruption on site, while Plastic Surgeon was able to achieve the “aged” finish the contractor was seeking to harmonise with the surrounding stonework.

Representatives from Ramada Jarvis and Ardmore Construction inspected the final result and all expressed satisfaction.

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