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Damaged kitchen unit

Damaged kitchen unit

Damaged kitchen unit

The purchasers of a property in Cobham, Surrey, had engaged building contractors to carry out refurbishment work to their new home, but had decided to repair and improve the existing kitchen, rather than replace it completely.

However, one of the cupboard doors had been exposed to severe heat, causing the surface to warp and delaminate; making it impossible for any conventional joinery or decorative work to save it.

The Challenges

With no possibility of obtaining a matching door due to the age of the original kitchen, and the cost of having a kitchen door damagereplacement produced by a joinery shop or kitchen company being unrealistically expensive, some means of repair had to be found.

The client identified Plastic Surgeon’s cosmetic repair service through an internet search and obtained an estimate from the company’s national sales centre; liaising with the South-east regional Operations Manager. As a result, one of the specialist’s senior Finishers was assigned to the job on the basis of the work taking half a day.

The Highlights

Due to the amount of domestic interior work that Plastic Surgeon carries out for the UK’s top insurance companies, the Finisher had encountered similar challenges in the past and identified that the cupboard door had most likely been exposed to steam from a kettle for a lengthy period. He also concluded that the laminated skin itself could not be saved.

Having demounted the door from its hinges and also removed the handle, he began to work on it outside the property to avoid any dust or other disruption for the occupants. The damaged skin was carefully peeled away, but revealed that the MDF core to the door contained a number of voids, 5-6 mm in depth. These were duly filled using Plastic Surgeon’s Ultra-Premium two-pack filler. Other irregularities in the surface were also filled and the entire door sanded down to obtain an even substrate for the main repair work.

After completing preparation of the door, the Finisher gave it the first of eight coats of high build primer using a kitchen unit repairspray gun; with each successive coat being applied while the previous one was still tacky. The door was thereby effectively given a new skin; recreating the original texture and appearance.

The surface was smoothed again using a very fine grade of wet & dry paper, before the top coat was sprayed in the same beige colour as the rest of the kitchen units, matched using Plastic Surgeon’s System 20 pigments. The process was completed with several coats of lacquer to protect the repair long term.

Key Outcomes for The Client

  • Thanks to the skill and experience of the Finisher, a viable repair was effected for a badly damaged kitchen unit door.
  • The price was much more competitive than having a new door produced, or installing a new kitchen.
  • The work was completed within the half day allocated and with absolutely minimum disruption for the client.

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