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GRP bath repair for insurers

GRP bath repair for insurers

GRP bath repair for insurers

One of Plastic Surgeon’s most experienced Finishers, along with a new recruit he was mentoring, visited a private rented property in Northamptonshire, to carry out a repair to a GRP bath on behalf of the occupant’s insurance company; where accidental damage had left a three inch long chip.

The Challenges

The bath in the former council property was of standard GRP construction, but its high gloss white acrylic surface finish had been spalled off to a depth of a quarter of an inch (5-6 mm) when the power shower unit had fallen off the wall. The damage was at the tap end of the bath, in the corner against the wall, where the moulding curves in two directions.

Although an electrician had visited the house to disconnect the mains supply from the shower unit, water was still seeping steadily from it, running down the wall and over the edge of the bath; making the intended repair area constantly wet.

Where most building contractors would have declined to attempt any work until a plumber had drained the system to shut off the water – which was believed to be connected to a header tank – Senior Finisher Dan Boyes showed initiative and a “can do attitude” in fashioning a chute tape to divert the water away from the three inch (75mm) long chip.

With the damaged area dry, the Finishers used Cold Weld Gel to bond the splintered pieces of glass fibre before filling and reshaping the surface with Plastic Surgeon’s Ultra-Premium two-part filler. Once this had hardened the original, curving profile of the bath was restored by rubbing down the filler with a gradation of wet-and-dry abrasives. Finally they matched the exact white colour of the bath using Plastic Surgeon’s System 20 pigments and carefully sprayed in the repair; also achieving the same surface reflectance. The entire repair process took just over two hours.

Key Outcomes for The Client

  • The occupant was pleased to see the unsightly chip repaired.
  • The insurance company which initiated Plastic Surgeon’s visit, achieved a visually acceptable and hygienic, permanent repair.
  • The repair saved the cost of replacing the whole bath. This would have meant much more work for a plumber, in addition to refitting the power shower unit, and would also have required the services of a tiler.

UK insurers are now making increasing use of Plastic Surgeon’s services in circumstances where bathroom, kitchen and other building surfaces have suffered superficial damage: saving time and money as well as offering a far more sustainable alternative to replacement. Furthermore, thanks to the comprehensive training which Plastic Surgeon delivers for its operatives, they have the skills, the repair techniques and – as was vividly demonstrated in this instance – the initiative to provide a ‘first time fix’ in most situations.

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