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Listed building stone repair and restoration

Listed building stone repair and restoration

Listed building stone repair and restoration

The conversion of a listed building in Leeds into luxury apartments has involved Plastic Surgeon in carrying out complex stone repair and restoration.Listed building stone restoration and repair

The work on the Grade II listed property in the Headingly area of the city was undertaken on behalf of a major construction firm who is a regular client of Plastic Surgeon.The work became necessary when the removal of an original porch structure on the rear elevation revealed a large slot in the sandstone wall, as well as other holes, where timbers had been secured. When dismantling the old porch at the rear entrance revealed the areas where structural timbers had been slotted into the stonework, the customer knew it was a job for Plastic Surgeon’s Finishers.

The company had used them on several occasions in the past – normally for snagging operations – and the ability to match stonework and masonry was not something their tradesmen could do.

In tackling the three metre long angled slot and other holes, Plastic Surgeon’s specially trained Finisher began by filling the bulk of the void with Plastic Surgeon’s specialist stone repair fillers, then coating the repair to bring the area level with the surrounding surface. Then sand was blown onto the surface before it cured to achieve just the right texture. Finally, the joint pattern to the masonry was painstakingly replicated across the repair, and the area was tinted to match the distinctive mellow colour of the aged sandstone.

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