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Stone repair and brick restoration at Grade 2 building

Stone repair and brick restoration at Grade 2 building

Stone repair and brick restoration at Grade 2 building

Plastic Surgeon’s team in Scotland was tasked with an interesting stone repair job at a Grade B listed building in Glasgow.

The Whiteinch swimming pavilion was built in the 1920s, and was bought by Dundas Estates & Development Co. Ltd from Glasgow City Council around five years ago. The pool closed in the mid 1990s when Scotstoun Leisure Centre opened. Part of the building was demolished and 35 flats were built on the site.

Dundas Estates retained the original central B-listed pavilion which stands between the new flats and this is the area that Plastic Surgeon was asked to work on. Plastic Surgeon was required to repair stone pillars, stone window surrounds and stone cills. Brick repair and brick tinting was also required. As the building is very old, the client specified that they screed the stone to make it look old and to keep the original character.

The stone and brick had become damaged over time, so its restoration was not straightforward. Weathering had caused what were once sharp lines to become indistinct. And in many places the stone was damaged by chips and deep gouges. As it was an old building, the problem of colour matching stone and brick that had aged over the years was a big challenge.Old stone repair and restoration

Plastic Surgeon is continually developing a range of processes and techniques to effectively repair and restore damaged stone and brick.

Using a filler which results in very strong adhesion, even in wet and damp conditions, the company’s Finishers were able to fill in all the damaged areas. As all Finishers are trained in colour theory and colour matching, the team were then able to sensitively match the mellow, aged colouring of the stone and the brick.

The damaged stone pillars, stone cills and bricks were restored to their former glory, helping to extend the life of the building and to allow it to be enjoyed for many years to come.

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