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Powder coated metal door re-surfacing

Powder coated metal door re-surfacing

Powder coated metal door re-surfacing

Close to the completion of a major new medical research facility in West London, it was discovered that following trades had caused a series of small chips, dents and scrapes to the powder coated metal doors on the service risers. As a long term customer of Plastic Surgeon, the main contractor, Kier, suggested the firm’s cosmetic repair services would offer the ideal remedy for the sub-contractor seeking to make good the damage to their doors.

The Challenges

In this case the challenges were more logistical or managerial than technical, with Plastic Surgeon’s powder coated metal re-surfacingFinishers simply being required to carry out “Smart Repairs” to conceal the damage, or in some instances overcoat the entire door.

With handover of the prestigious building just a few days away, Plastic Surgeon’s National Construction Sales Manager, David Craig, immediately dispatched one of the London Region’s senior grade Finishers to ‘recce’ the work and report back. They then liaised with the London Regional Operations Manager, Simon Stock, on not just the appropriate repair strategy and Health & Safety issues, but also the scheduling of sufficient manpower. Within two days, with extra personnel brought in from the Eastern Region, a team of five Finishers started work in the building.

The Highlights

Due to the fact the building interiors were already complete, one of the Finishers’ main tasks was to ensure the workspaces were adequately ventilated and surrounding surfaces, including the ceilings, were completely masked. Following appropriate surface preparation and filling, the doors were sprayed using the ‘Smart Repair’ guns which are part of the standard van stock for all operatives.

Amongst the many Health & Safety considerations which came into the work were agreeing the use of hop-ups to reach the top of the seven foot high doors; and Plastic Surgeon being required to provide details on the M3 half-face masks which the Finishers wear as part of their full PPE gear.

It was agreed that the 10 man-days required to complete the work would actually be completed over a two day period, with the five Finishers spread out across different zones of the building in order to minimize fume levels for other construction workers involved in completing the handover operations. Throughout the planning and execution of the work, Plastic Surgeon’s management team kept both the main contractor and sub-contractor fully briefed on progress, arranging inspections and sign-off of every repair.

Key Outcomes for The Client

  • A potentially contentious situation with the possibility of handover being delayed was remedied through the sustainable solution of cosmetic repair.
  • All parties involved cooperated fully on executing the necessary work.
  • The very positive outcome was achieved far more quickly and cost effectively than would have been possible through full replacement of the doors.
  • Plastic Surgeon’s well-structured and meticulously managed service avoided causing disruption for other operatives on site, or exposing them to unnecessarily high levels of fumes.

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