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Recoating polyester powder coat windows

Recoating polyester powder coat windows

Recoating polyester powder coat windows

Stonehouse Arena, in Plymouth features a former nunnery and is the location for a major new affordable housing development in the city, where Plastic Surgeon has been called in by one of the country’s largest construction companies to assist in the recoating of high performance aluminium windows. These had suffered badly due to their having been demounted after changes to the specification, as well as accidental damage caused by the carelessness of following trades.

The Challenges

The majority of the Velfac low energy windows across the 46 shared ownership and powder coated windowaffordable rent apartments had suffered either scratches or dents, often with multiple areas of damage around the frames.  Plastic Surgeon was therefore tasked with repairing and resurfacing a total of 275 windows of varying sizes, together with respraying doors.

As well as the difficulty of achieving a factory quality finish on site in an exposed coastal location, there were also logistical and access issues due to the height of the four storey property; with Plastic Surgeon’s Finishers having to work off hydraulic platforms in some location where the main scaffold had already been dismantled. The building substrate repair specialist duly put its Area Senior Finisher for Devon and Cornwall in charge of the project, who then allocated some of his most experienced Finishers to carrying out the making good and respraying.

The Highlights

With the Finishers, whenever possible, working down the building on a floor by floor basis, the repairs began by levelling the scratches and dents with Plastic Surgeon’s two-pack Ultra-Premium filler and the carefully rubbing down the entire surface to achieve an even surface and a good key. All of the surrounding render, cills and other nearby features had to be masked off prior to any spraying work starting.

Plastic Surgeon purchased sufficient quantities of an appropriate base coating to complete all of the work, while the Finishers tinted it to match the original light grey colour, using the company’s System 200 pigments.

Two ‘dust’ coats were followed by two further top coats in order to ensure a high quality surface finish matching the original Velfac factory-applied polyester powder coat as closely as possible.

At all stages of the work the Area Senior Finisher liaised closely with the main contractor’s site supervisory staff as well as the local authority’s Clerk of the Works who was ultimately responsible for signing off on the standard of the workmanship.

Key Outcomes for The Client

  • Utilizing Plastic Surgeon’s surface repair service enabled the repairs to be carried out as quickly and cost effectively as possible without the need to demount the frames.
  • The in-situ repair solution will help ensure that handover is achieved as early as possible and in the most sustainable manner, with no units being replaced or sent to landfill.
  • Having one of the company’s Senior Finishers allocated to run the job provided the client with an expert level of site supervision, and an immediate point of communication when it was necessary to reschedule priorities for repair.

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