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Damaged shower tray repairs for Q Hotels

Damaged shower tray repairs for Q Hotels

Damaged shower tray repairs for Q Hotels

The Hellidon Lakes Hotel is set amidst a championship standard golf club and stunning countryside, not far from Daventry; offering its guests a huge array of facilities as well as 4-Star accommodation and fine dining. Its management is therefore understandably keen to ensure the premises are presented in tip top condition to everyone who stays there, and opted to call on the services of Plastic Surgeon, as the UK’s only national cosmetic repair specialist, in order to address areas of minor damage to shower trays, basins and baths in a number of the en-suite bathrooms.

With the hotel enjoying very high levels of occupation, it is difficult to take any of the 130 suites and bedrooms out of commission for any length of time to undertake maintenance; even though surfaces inevitably get chipped, scratched or cracked. The answer then was to send in a team of Plastic Surgeon’s highly trained Finishers to complete cosmetic repairs during the daytime.

Thus by making use of the few hours between one person checking out and the next arriving to stay the following night, the three Finishers were able to repair baths, basins and shower trays within 20 of the en-suites over just a five day period. And the success of the contract was due in part to the application and curing characteristics of Plastic Surgeon’s specialist System 20 coatings.

The Operations Manager for the area, Colin Tommins, takes up the account saying: “The type of problem that the Hellidon Lakes Hotel’s Maintenance Manager wanted us to tackle were typical chips and scratches that you see in ceramic sinks and resin shower trays in any hotel or student accommodation across the country. Guest rooms get heavy usage and minor damage happens; so we deal with it all the time.

“Where say there was a chip out of the sink or to the enamel of one of the steel baths, our Finisher would open it out with the multi-tool they all carry to ensure a good key, and fill it with our two-pack premium filler. The surface is then very carefully smoothed to ensure the original profile is restored and then sprayed with our System 20, using the standard white colour in this case.

“They were mainly localised, ‘Smart Repairs’ that we carried out, though in a few cases where the surface of a basin was crazed with a lot of tiny cracks, we keyed and sprayed the entire unit. Then we left every room clean of any dust or other sign that we had been there, ready for the housekeeping staff to do the final touches before the next guest arrived.”

The Maintenance Manager for the Hellidon Lakes Hotel, Mr Nigel Taylor, adds: “We received a brochure detailing Plastic Surgeon’s services and decided to take advantage of the company’s offer to carry out a demonstration. We subsequently had one of the Finishers come and repair a shower tray with a crack around the drain hole that was so bad I thought it would have to be replaced.

I was amazed at just what a good job he did of it and have challenged other people to tell which of two bathrooms the work was carried out in, but nobody has been able to spot it. Following that we looked around the place with Housekeeping to identify any areas having chips or cracks that required repair and booked a couple of Finishers to do the work. The results were really good and we are now looking at other jobs in the public areas.

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