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Bath repair project for Edinburgh City Council

Bath repair project for Edinburgh City Council

Bath repair project for Edinburgh City Council

Plastic Surgeon’s contract for Edinburgh City Council involved the specialist saving hundreds of steel baths from having to be replaced, thanks to the company’s specialist System 20 coating product, and the skill of its operatives.

The re-enamelling or ‘Cosmetic Repairs’ to the baths was just one facet of a three year contract Plastic Surgeon undertook across the Scottish capital’s social housing stock: also being involved with carrying out other repair work as part of the Edinburgh City Council Building Services Department’s responsive maintenance and voids turnaround strategy.

Two senior Finishers from Plastic Surgeon Scotland were involved full time, with one being responsible for project managing the bath repairs. Together the pair treated up to a dozen baths a week in properties ranging from tower blocks to typical Scottish tenement buildings, seventies style low rise housing and sandstone dwellings in the historic ‘Old Town’ district.

Aside from the practical challenges of preparing and resurfacing baths that have often seen rugged usage and previous contractors’ failed repairs, Plastic Surgeon also had to take responsibility for such aspects as tenant liaison: including arranging appointments convenient to the occupants. And when the work concerned empty homes, the repair specialist was committed to helping the council get them ready for re-letting within a week. In some instances this involved the Finisher having to take a generator up high rise buildings in order to provide power and light in flats where the electricity had been cut off.

Plastic Surgeon’s Operations Manager for Scotland said: “A lot of the baths we treated had been in the buildings for 18, 19 years or more, and some had already been coated half a dozen times; using various proprietary, rollered systems. This is what causes us huge difficulty as we are not allowed to make use of Nitromors or other ‘strippers’, and instead our Finishers have to sand the baths right back to bare metal.

“This level of preparation does, though, offer an excellent key with the surface of the steel baths, and helps ensure the quality of the job. Our System 20 is specially formulated for the resurfacing or re-enamelling of baths, and we did not see the problems – such as delamination and peeling – which have plagued previous attempts by other companies.”

Where damage was only superficial, such as if the edge of a bath, basin or shower-tray had been chipped, the Finisher executed one of Plastic Surgeon’s Smart Repairs: typically rebuilding the area of damage with the company’s Cold Weld gel and then several layers of two-part filler. The surface is then smoothed back with different grades of abrasive before colour matching the repair and over-coating it with System 20 to ensure its durability. This, of course, occasionally meant matching some now dated bathroom suites in avocado or blue hues.

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