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Water damaged concrete repaired at swimming pool

Water damaged concrete repaired at swimming pool

Water damaged concrete repaired at swimming pool

A huge mural covering one entire wall of a swimming pool building at a hotel on the English Riviera was the subject of a sensitive repair contract carried out by Plastic Surgeon.

The company’s Finishers were called in by Morgan Ashurst, the company which originally built the Derwent Hotel in Torquay, as a result of long term problems with water penetration through a car park deck above the swimming pool.

Although the damage caused by water tracking through the concrete structure was superficial, it had affected half a dozen areas along the 30 metre length of the Aztec themed mural. The original artwork depicting a dramatic landscape in blues, violets, oranges and other hues, had been blistered from ceiling level much of the way down the wall.

The Site Manager for Morgan Ashurst, Mr Paul Medland comments: “It had taken us a couple of years to finally resolve the water ingress through the car park deck as it was one of these problems where it was very difficult to detect where the water was penetrating the detailing. Unfortunately it had caused damage to a wide area of the mural and the original artist was no longer contactable to put it right, so we called in Plastic Surgeon. What looked like a comparatively simple task from floor level, became far more complex when you get up close and realise that many of the areas of colour are a graduation of three or four different shades across an area a metre wide.”

“Plastic Surgeon’s operatives were able to make good the damage, however, and the company offers a service which is very valuable to us. It is an inevitable fact damage occurs during the building process, and very often affects costly materials or components. Add to this the fact that architects often detail their designs so that you have to dismantle large sections of a building to remove something, it is very valuable that Plastic Surgeon can repair them in-situ without the work being visible.”

Over two working days, the Finisher and his regional manager rubbed down the affected area and sprayed in the repairs, carefully matching the colours from Plastic Surgeon’s System 200 cellulose base materials.

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