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Door frame repairs at new museum

Door frame repairs at new museum

Door frame repairs at new museum

The architects responsible for designing Chichester’s new museum on the site of the city’s Roman baths were keen that visitors would see the ancient remains presented within a modern structure offering clean lines and minimalist finishes: an ambition which resulted in Plastic Surgeon being called upon to conceal fixings in door frames and also carry out minor building repairs as the date for handover approached.

The tasks were carried out by Plastic Surgeon’s highly trained Finishers on behalf of Vinci Construction; a regular user of the repair specialist’s nationwide service. In common with a growing number of building contractors and house-builders, the company recognises the value of employing an organization whose prime purpose is to cosmetically repair all types of building component and substrates rather than replacing them.

The Operations Manager for Plastic Surgeon’s Southern Region, Rob Townsend, takes up the account saying: “This was a relatively straightforward job for our Finishers where the architects did not want any of the fixings for the door linings to be visible. With the screw heads countersunk, we filled all of the holes and then smoothed them down afterwards.

“The real skill of the task comes in accurately matching the colour of the surrounding surfaces, mixing the pigments by eye and applying the paint with a fine brush. Two coats of lacquer were also sprayed over the top to protect the finish.

Wood door and flooring repair“We then went on to fill, rub down and colour match scratches that had occurred to some of the doors themselves and two very large timber floating floors within the museum galleries. This is the sort of intervention which we carry out on sites everywhere due to the inevitable attrition of having large numbers of contractors and sub-contractors moving materials and equipment around a nearly finished property which is still effectively a building site. What Plastic Surgeon does is make the snagging process quicker and more cost effective.”

Some two dozen doorsets, most of them doubles, were addressed during the operations which were completed over a two week period.

And of course, should the museum’s curators want the public to be able to view the remains of the Roman baths – with their hypocausts running beneath – all in their original pristine condition, Plastic Surgeon’s stone Finishers are always on hand.

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