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Great Big Rhino Repair Squad

Great Big Rhino Repair Squad

Great Big Rhino Repair Squad

Plastic Surgeon is proud to be supporting the Great Big Rhino Project which is taking place this summerThe Great Big Rhino Project.

40 life-size rhino sculptures will inhabit the streets, parks and open spaces of Devon.

The project is raising funds and awareness for the critically endangered rhino, of which 3 of the 5 species will be extinct within our lifetime if poaching isn’t stopped.

The Great Big Rhino Project will not only enable Paignton Zoo to continue its conservation work, it will also help Save the Rhino International to save the Critically Endangered Javan and Sumatran rhinos, the former of which just 58 -61 animals exist.

We’re supporting the project in two main ways.

The Rhino Repair Squad

Plastic Surgeon will be acting as the Rhino repair squad, and our team will be out on the rhino repair squadstreets of Devon making sure the rhino sculptures are clean and fixing any minor scratches or damage that may result from over enthusiastic visitors.

Hope the Rhino

Plastic Surgeon is also sponsoring Hope the Rhino, one of 40 life-size rhino sculptures on the Great Big Rhino Trail.

Hope is different to the other rhinos on the trail, she has had her horn cut-off.HopeForRhinos

Hope represents the problems with poaching and cruelty to the rhino. ‘Who cares about Rhinos?’ is the question and the ‘Hope’ is that we care and will do something to stop its persecution, which is based on myth.

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