Specialist Render Repair System

30th April 2019

Render is a decorative coating applied to walling. Plastic Surgeon’s R&D team has developed a specialist render repair system which means we can quickly and effectively repair small areas of damaged render, thus saving the need to re-render an entire wall.

Our system uses a one coat, through coloured, monocouche, cementitious, weather resistant, external decorative render coating which can be applied up to a depth of 25mm.

For deeper areas of damage the repair can first be back filled using products from our stone care system.

Specialist Plastic Surgeon render repairers carry the full stone repair system and 10 basic colours of dry render pigments on their vans, which can be mixed together on-site to match the render to be repaired.

Unusual or vibrant colours of render can be specially ordered to match customers’ colour references.

Our specially developed render repair system has excellent weather resistance and durability, whilst allowing the structure to breath.

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