Specialist surface repairs for Wren Kitchens

29th March 2018
Kitchen cabinet and unit repairs

A recent project saw Plastic Surgeon’s finishers called in to conduct repairs at a Wren Kitchens showroom in Birmingham.

The partnership with Wren, one of the UK’s leading kitchen retailers, initially began with work in some of its Scotland-based showrooms, before word of Plastic Surgeon’s capabilities spread south through the chain’s hierarchy.

The retailer’s Erdington store, although a relatively new one, was in need of considerable maintenance to its cosmetic appearance having suffered the effects of general wear and tear from high customer footfall and continuous interaction with its displays.

With the Boxing Day sales a key fixture in the retail calendar, Wren was looking to ensure its showrooms were in top condition for what it considered a peak commercial window.

Thanks to it being Christmas, the showroom was due to close for a 5-day period, which afforded Plastic Surgeon’s Finishers a comparative free reign during that time, allowing them to make the most of the store shut down to carry out the requisite repairs without disturbing store visitors.

Quick, flexible repairs for a peak commercial window

The range of maintenance that Wren required was diverse – practically any surface associated with a kitchen needed fixing, be that specific kitchen units, worktops, side panels, glass and more. It was this variety of damage that made Plastic Surgeon’s broad skillset so well suited to the job at hand. Ordinarily a range of trades would be needed, but Finishers are equipped with the skills to manage multiple repairs.

The main challenge in Wren’s Erdington store was the colour matching aspect, thanks to the propensity of vibrant and varied colours found throughout the showroom. Wren is known for a modern take on kitchen design, something that added to the eclectic nature of the repairs.

The art of colour matching repairs

Some repairs were visible at more viewpoints than usually associated with traditional kitchen design, meaning the Finishers on site had to be careful to ensure the repairs offered a uniform appearance from each angle once finished.

The job required considerable resource to meet the Boxing Day deadline, taking 56 hours to complete in total, spanning a seven-day period that included the five-day store closure. Two finishers worked full time on the showroom for each of the seven days, while one of those days required four finishers on site to ensure they finalised the repairs within the necessary timeframe.

The management team at the Erdington store, despite being aware of Plastic Surgeon’s capabilities from its work in Scotland, were unsure that the firm’s Finishers would be able to carry out the repairs thanks to their diversity and complexity. However, any doubts were firmly dispelled upon the work’s completion, with Wren delighted with the quality of the finished repairs that left the store in top condition for the Boxing Dale sales bonanza.

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