Top 5 repairs for your caravan and how to fix them

6th March 2019
Caravan worktop repair

Replacing items that are cracked, chipped, burnt or scratched inside of your caravan or motorhome can be a real pain. Finding materials or replacements that exactly match your make and model can be complex and time-consuming.

Here at Plastic Surgeon we have more than 200 experienced finishers across the UK who specialise in fixing a whole range of damage to your caravan. Most often we’ll get it done in a single appointment and we’ll always carefully match the colour and texture of the repaired area to ensure it blends seamlessly into the surrounding area.

Ahead of the holiday season, now is a great time to get your caravan back into tiptop shape, restoring all elements to their former glory. So, what are our top 5 caravan repairs?

1. Worktop repairs

Burns, dents and cracks to caravan worktops are incredibly common due to their lightweight construction. But how do we repair caravan worktops?

Our specialist caravan repair finishers will carefully seal, fill and reprofile the damage worktop before carefully matching the colour by eye and adding in the texture. It’s a detailed repair that will leave your worktops looking as good as new.

2. Window repairs

Keeping your windows looking neat and tidy is really important to making sure your caravan always looks in perfect condition.

You may have cracks, chips or staining to your caravan windows – we can repair the damaged area and respray it to match with the surrounding area. It will look as good as new in just one short appointment. We can even polish out light scratches to the glass.

3. Shower tray repairs

Replacing a caravan shower tray with stress cracks or staining can be a real nightmare. Caravan shower trays tend to crack more often than those in the home but it’s certainly something we can fix for you saving the time and hassle of a replacement.

Once cracks have formed, they’re only likely to get worse, so it’s important to nip these in the bud before they leak and cause damp in your caravan.

4. Cupboard door repairs

Doors inside your caravan or motorhome experience a lot of wear and tear thanks to frequent opening and closing; not to mention the risks of bashing them when carrying things in and out of the caravan.

We will carefully fill the damaged area and colour match the repair so it blends into the overall surface.

5. Holes in walls

Whether it’s old screw holes or damage from falling items while on the move, we can help you repair any damage to your caravan walls at a cost effective price. At Plastic Surgeon, our expert finishers are able to fill these holes in and add in detail, providing a seamless finish that leaves a surface as good as new – enabling house-proud caravanners to show off their interior to site neighbours with confidence.

Get more information about our caravan and motorhome repair capabilities, or get a quick estimate by sending us a message today.

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