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Hotel – Case Study

Hotel – Case Study

A contract undertaken for an interiors on behalf of a leading hotel chain involved carrying out brick repairs and brick tinting on half a dozen of their hotels around the country that were having new signs fitted as part of a rebranding exercise. Removing the original signs from the external facades had left scars and damaged the brick, and the bricks had become stained by moss and bird droppings.

At the first establishment to be tackled, Plastic Surgeon hired in a long reach ‘cherry picker’ in order to access the high level of the repair area before operations could start.

The work area actually took the form of a tower that stands atop the main building’s flat roof, located some distance back from the parapet. This allowed the vicinity to be closed off without disrupting business for the hotel, and the finisher to employ more aggressive cleaning techniques than might otherwise have been possible.

Where the wall was very badly stained by moss and bird droppings, it was first treated with an acid wash before being pressure jetted to remove material adhered to the surface. The finisher then made good the old holes and any chips with the two-pack stone filler.

Although the latter is colour matched using a blend of aggregates before it is applied, depending on the size and location of the repair it is sometimes also given a painted finish. In addition, for those patches where the cleaning processes were not able to restore the masonry to its original appearance, Plastic Surgeon employed its renowned brick-tinting system to ensure the entire elevation had a unified appearance.

The bricks on the hotel facades now look as good as new, showing off the new signs to their best advantage.


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