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Housebuilders benefit from repair reporting system

Housebuilders benefit from repair reporting system

As well as constant emphasis on developing new repair techniques, Plastic Surgeon has also always been a highly proactive pioneer in developing in-house management systems; and there is strong evidence to suggest that UK housebuilders  – almost all of whom count as regular clients – are making good use of the data provided by the company’s award winning VisibilITy  software.

This collates data coming from all of the operatives’ Mobile Finishers, to provide regular feedback on the weight and value of the various building components saved from being sent to landfill.

So not only are customers incorporating VisibilITy reports into their own waste management figures, but they are also using  the facts to focus on activities that are regularly resulting in accidental or negligent damage.

In some cases specifiers have seen the sense in selecting, say, sinks or shower-trays which are better able to withstand the rigours of the construction process; while site managers may have  made it a priority to ban ladders from being used for access around metal cladding panels once they are in place.

Plastic Surgeon’s MD, Rob Mouser, has frequently been quoted about the industry’s quest to achieve “immaculate construction”, and in many cases the company is helping its housebuilding customers to score ‘zero defects’ at handover.

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