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Housebuilding – It’s a funny old business

Housebuilding – It’s a funny old business

Housebuilding – It’s a funny old business

Your blogger has been watching the news pages and various economic reports that have come out in recent weeks, experiencing a mixture of amusement and amazement regarding their opposing opinions on the construction industry’s role in the wider economy: for while companies such as Plastic Surgeon continue to grow steadily, you’ll then read another story saying that we’re not building enough houses and that the sector is reversing.

Something I wouldn’t argue against is that property prices are now out of reach for a lot of first time buyers, with London and the South-east being the biggest hot-spot. But in the same week that the Bank of England confirmed that the economy has finally recovered to pre-recession levels of activity and growth, a couple of the big mortgage lenders were reporting that the UK had seen the first fall in house prices for many a quarter. Oh and by the way, construction generally is apparently lagging well behind manufacturing, the services industries and just about everyone else!

Well, as I sit writing this week’s communique on behalf of the country’s only national cosmetic repair specialist, I can report that we have had one of our best month’s ever and another group of trainee Finishers have just completed their preliminary course and are beginning their career’s under the guidance of experienced mentors: enabling us to keep up with demand from our client base which includes most of the UK’s big housebuilders; as well as facilities management companies, social housing providers and other property owners.

What the commentators on the ‘City pages’ seem to overlook when there’s a blip in the figures from the lenders or Land Registry, is the longer term positives, such as the significant rise in profits and sale prices achieved by the likes of Bovis Homes who have posted results recently. And as the domestic housing market is so susceptible to the law of supply and demand, how can they believe the boom in either value or the numbers of people looking for a home are going to suddenly start a downward spiral?

So while the economists continue to gaze into the swirling mists of their crystal balls, here at Plastic Surgeon we’re going to carry on dealing with all the snagging repairs such as dented doors, scratched window sills and cracked ceramics, where our clients desperately need our help with so that they can get all those houses and apartments handed over to their new owners.

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