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Brick rebuild and repair for David Wilson Homes

7th May 2019
Finisher repairing and tinting bricks

One of Plastic Surgeon’s highly trained Finishers found it quite a special challenge to make good the damage where a solitary brick had suffered at the hands of a plumber on a South-west building site. Not the least because the property involved was due to be handed over to its first occupant the following day.

Chris Garner is one of Plastic Surgeon’s multi-skilled operatives whose work assignments involve interior repairs to such items as work-surfaces and shower trays, as well as undertaking stone repair assignments. As a result he was actually already on site in South Devon for David Wilson Homes – one of Plastic Surgeon’s long established housebuilder clients – carrying out some minor snagging to one house, when he received an additional order via his hand held computer.

The site manager at David Wilson Homes Teignfields development had followed the routine arrangement and sent through a work instruction for the brick repair to Plastic Surgeon’s main operations centre, where the customer services team had relayed it through to Chris. And having clarified the location of the plot being readied for handover, he set to work.

Chris explains: “It appeared that a plumber had drilled through an outside wall to fit a pipe where a string course formed a feature in the white render, and one of the red facing bricks had almost completely collapsed. It would have risked causing more damage to try and insert a new brick, so I set about building up the area using what I had in my van kit. It took some three and a half hours to complete the rebuild and colour match it, but the repair finished up being unnoticeable and the handover of the house was able to go ahead to schedule the next day.”

The repair method Chris employed was to mix up small quantities of Plastic Surgeon’s special brick filler with the activating liquid to achieve a smooth putty like texture, and build up the missing brick in layers. As the material hardened, he then shaped and smoothed it using an appropriate sized filler blade, and finally sanded off the oblong ‘fake’.

He then employed the Plastic Surgeon’s brick tinting technology in order to match the distinctive red hue of the range, and introduced some texture to the surface by means of a fine brush.

As with hard pressed site managers all over the country, striving to complete snagging operations on tight schedules, the customer down in Devon was delighted to have a difficult problem taken off his hands and dealt with so swiftly. And the same skills as Chris demonstrated for David Wilson homes can be brought into action to repair natural stone, stucco, concrete and other types of masonry.

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